Spider-Man 3’s Hobgoblin Mask Easter Egg & Future Setup Explained

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Spider-Man 3’s Hobgoblin Mask Easter Egg & Future Setup Explained,17 Oct 2021 in entertainment&Marketing

The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films were filled with Easter eggs, including a reference to The Hobgoblin in Spider-Man 3 which allowed for his potential introduction in a future installment. Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is celebrated for its seamless combination of comic accuracy and heartfelt, realistically-written characters, but one occasionally overlooked aspect of the films is that it’s […]

Minecraft Mob Vote Compared To Pokémon Starter Choices,17 Oct 2021 in entertainment&Marketing

Mojang recently revealed the three new Minecraft mobs available for Minecraft Live 2021’s mob vote, and one Reddit user compared the options to Pokémon starter choices. Like last year, Mojang is allowing the Minecraft community to decide which mob will be added next to the 3D voxel sandbox. During Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16, fans will […]