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Boost Profits For Hair and Beauty Salons With Your Guest WiFi

WiFi marketing can provide Hair and Beauty Salon owners the solution they’ve been searching for. It is a relatively new marketing channel that can lead to highly successful email marketing campaigns, whilst also providing that all-important customer engagement that has proven to increase guest spending, frequency and satisfaction.

How Does it Work?

If you offer free guest WiFi at your physical location, then you have installed at least one WiFi access point which provides internet access by wireless to your guests. Just as this access point transmits by wireless, it also receives wireless data. The power (and profit) of WiFi marketing occurs when guests enter your physical location and access your free guest WiFi. Rather than entering a universal password that you hand out and anyone could use, or worse, leave the network open and insecure, you allow them to login with their Facebook or other social media account or by their name and email address. You have now stored their data (with the required opt-in/out for GDPR). After logging in, your customer is directed to your WiFi Landing Page! Here you have the opportunity to immediately present your welcome message together with any coupon or special deal you wish to promote. With you customer data building up passively, you can segment and market back via email marketing to encourage engagement, raise your brand’s awareness and loyalty; which benefits both your business and your customers.

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