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Litmus adds integrations with cloud solutions, enhances privacy

Email marketing and analytics firm Litmus has announced a number of new updates coming to its platform, including integrations with cloud providers, enhanced privacy protections and improved email tracking. According to Litmus, the new features will assist marketers throughout the entirety of the email marketing lifecycle, from the design stage to post-send analytics.

Why we should care

The ability to import HTML files from some of the most popular cloud storage solutions will help Litmus users avoid common errors, such as copy-and-paste errors that occur when moving content from design into production. Eliminating these types of errors will help marketers work more efficiently, while incorporating systems that we’re already using such as DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive will help streamline processes and improve accessibility. The cloud integrations will also help users ensure that everyone working on a document is accessing the most up-to-date version of the file — a common challenge many fast-paced marketing teams face on a daily basis.

“At Dropbox, it’s our priority to bring content, tools, and teams together, by organizing your content, bringing context to your work, and giving everyone a place to get work done,” said Abhishek Lahoti, business development executive at Dropbox. “Email is a core communication tool for most marketing organizations, so we’re pleased to partner with Litmus to enable marketers to collaborate more efficiently and execute effective campaigns faster.”

Additionally, the improvement to privacy will help marketers protect their subscribers’ and customers’ personally identifiable information(PII)  by disabling fields containing PII and replacing them with unique tracking codes for each email, as well as campaign timeframes and expiration dates.

More on the news

Cloud storage integration: Users can now import HTML email files from cloud storage solutions including DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. The integrations should streamline workflows for users. Privacy protections and custom tracking: Marketers will be able to disable email fields that collect personally identifiable information (PII) and replace them with unique tracking codes. The features will enable users to track email metrics at the subscriber level.

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