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The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Restaurant Industry

The importance of restaurants protecting itself from cybercrime

Are your food servers looking out for your
best interests? Is your restaurant website secure against cyber
? Are you doing everything you can to prevent
a massive data breach
? If you don’t have an answer to these disturbing
questions, then your restaurant may be in danger.

Every day, computer hackers look for new ways
to infiltrate our businesses, and restaurants are no exception to this rule. As
eateries use new tech to take orders and deliver
, the bad guys are also given more opportunities to steal your data.
Here we present some background and a few tips to help make sure that yours is
not the next restaurant to fall victim
to a data breach

Cybercrime is a Real Threat for Restaurants

restaurant cybercrime issues

One of the most destructive thoughts any
business manager can have is that they are not at risk for cybercrime. As the
world of technology advances, so do the threats, and hackers are always looking
for a way to take advantage of companies that do not take security seriously.
Hackers can use just about any information they can get to ruin your business
or your customer’s lives.

Even an email address can allow hackers to gain access
to accounts and then to private information, including photos and contact
information for friends and family. Of course, restaurants also have access to customer
credit card numbers
, which is even more dangerous. A credit card number
allows hackers to make fraudulent purchases outside of your restaurant’s
business and rack up credit card bills that may leave the customer in financial
ruin. Not to mention if the hack is traced back to your business, you can
expect to have an angry guest and bad
on your hands.

The hacking of company infrastructure and
devices has become rampant as of late, and every business is at risk. Not too
long ago, Russian hackers broke into 420,000 company websites and stole over a
billion usernames and passwords, giving them instant access to company and
customer records. The businesses that were hacked included large and small
businesses of all types, proving hackers do not discriminate, so data security should be the
absolute top priority at your restaurant.

Your Restaurant from Cybercrime

protect your restaurant from cybercrime

If your restaurant is the victim of a data
breach, your business could be in a world of trouble. The first threat is the
cost, as businesses can see losses between $82,000 to $256,000 due to the need to restore
equipment, beef up security, and resurrect their restaurants’ trustworthiness.
And that one is the biggest thing. When a company falls victim to a major data
breach, things are rarely the same as public trust falters, and guests begin to
look elsewhere for their food.

When it comes to proper cybersecurity, it is
essential to start from the top. At the corporate office, the education of your
employees is key as they need to be up to date on the risks and how to avoid
them. Proper passwords should be created and updated regularly,
and the most secure passwords should include a combination of letters, numbers,
and special characters.

Employees should also be aware of the dangers
of phishing emails that include a link or attachment that, when clicked, allow
the hacker access to the system and the private information within. The trick
is that they look like authentic emails, but there are a few signs to be aware

Emails sent from an address that
looks real but is off by a couple of letters.Emails with many misspelled words.A link or attachment that you were
not expecting.

Your restaurant website should also be the height
of security, especially if you use it to take online orders. Ensure that you have proper
firewall protection set up on your network and install security applications such
as Acunetix WP Security, which is a free plug-in
that searches for security vulnerabilities. Most importantly, always have
proper backups in place in case you have a breach or a breakdown of equipment
because you do not want this information to leak. Backup servers should be
checked and maintained regularly.


restaurant mobile security tips

Every restaurant that you manage also has to
have proper precautions in place on a local level, so educating all servers,
bartenders, hosts and managers is essential, especially if orders are taken on mobile devices like tablets or cell phones.
Every mobile device should be locked between orders or when not in use, and
they should be kept in the restaurant at all times and secured so they cannot
end up in the wrong hands. At the end of each day, the data from the tablets
should be properly backed up or cleared.

Your business can also benefit by requiring
background checks of your employees with an emphasis on searching for charges
of fraud and other money-related crimes
. In many cases, servers take the
customer’s card at the end of dinner and process it out of sight. Employees
with malicious intentions might take this opportunity to use their cell phones
to snap a photo of the credit card number and use the information improperly.

It is also important to be aware of the risks
associated with having public wi-fi in
your restaurant
. If you have wi-fi available, it must be encrypted and secured, or else criminals can
sneak in through an open door in your network and steal your information and
that of your guests.

Another trick has hackers creating a malicious
mobile hotspot that has a name similar to your restaurant’s hotspot, but when
customers click on it, they are just giving their information directly to the
hacker. Have your security team ensure that only valid hotspots are available
to customers and employees alike.

Many restaurant owners simply do not realize
that cyber threats can hamper their business as much as any other enterprise.
Making an effort to secure the data of your company and customers will ensure
that you regain consumer trust for years to come.

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